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 2 Chicken breast (Cut to create butterfly wings) 

3 Cabbage leaves (blanched, finely chopped)

3 Pac-chow leaves (blanched, finely chopped)

6 Strips yellow and green pepper (blanched) 

1 tsp. finely chopped onion 

1 tsp. finely chopped scallion

1 Egg beaten 

4 tsp. Jerk butter 

Benjamins Jerk season  

White of 1 boiled egg (cut in strips) 

Salt to taste 

Chicken spice to taste 

Benjamin barbecue jerk Sauce 

Soya Sauce



  1. Season chicken with Benjamin jerk seasoning, onion, scallion, chicken spice, and soya sauce. Arrange two breast together to give a bigger roll.

  2. Lightly season cabbage and calaloo with same seasonings used on chicken, add a little of the beaten egg.

  3. Arrange egg white, sweet peppers, calaloo and cabbage on chicken breast, add a little of jerk butter. 

  4. Fold chicken breast to fully cover filling. Use cooking cord to tie breast to hold in place.

  5. Brush with Benjamin barbecue Jerk Sauce, rub on more seasoning if necessary, and bake at 350 degree until done. Slice and serve with Red wine Jerk sauce. Garnish as desire.

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