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The Heart of Benjamins

Our Commitment to Community

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ISO Certification

Awarded in 2018 for our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System 

Benjamins Tasting

Nothing brings people together during the holidays like great food. We do our part by introducing and reminding our customers of our diverse flavours with tasting in our local supermarkets. We offer treats and recipes because, with Benjamins, it is always Fulla Flava.


Benjamins Care

Caring for our customers is something in which P.A Benjamin takes much pride. When we heard the heartwarming story of Cancer survivor Renacia Thomas of Papine High School, we provided her with a Benjamins Cosmetics Care package. Confidence is critical for a teenager, and we wanted to assist in any way we could to help her with that.


Factory Tour

We take a lot of pride in creating high-quality products for you, our valued customers. Here we would take you behind the scenes preview of the process. 


St. Jago

Penn Relays 2019

In 2019 P.A Benjamins supported the St Jago High school on their Penn Relays pursuits. Members of the Team collected a cheque presented by our Marketing Manager Michelle Valentine.


Covid-19 Donations

Our Commercial Manager and Director Christopher Powell presented Minister Daryl Vaz with a 55-gallon drum of Benjamins Hand Sanitiser to assist with COVID-19 Care. This would assist persons in the parishes of St. Mary and Portland.


Back to School

Giving back is always part of our culture at P.A Benjamin. Annually we make it our priority to help students from the community by providing back to school vouchers and school supplies. In 2019 we gifted Kiara Davis of Calabar Primary School, Tyler-Malon Chambers of St Francis Primary, Jada Lewis of Holy Childhood High School and Lori-Ann Levy from the Convent of Mercy Academy. 


Jamaica Day

Benjamin participated in the JMA sponsored Jamaica Day Celebrations on Friday, 22nd February at Wolmer's Boys School.


JMA Awardee

This achievement would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our employees. Thanks to our loyal customers for their unswerving support of the Benjamins Brand. Christopher Powell, Commercial Manager of PA Benjamins handing over a sponsorship cheque for $85,000 to Sandra Sawyer Watson, Principal of St. Jago High School and Student


For Everyone

Students from the many schools that attended were able to see a wide variety of Benjamins products, and also to sample cakes and other goodies made from Benjamins products


Jamaica 50

Benjamins Celebrating Jamaica 50

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