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1 Cup butter 

2 Cups sugar ( Granulated) 

4 Cups Flour 

4 Eggs 

1 tsp Benjamin Vanilla

3 Drops Benjamin Food Almond Flavouring 

6 Drops Benjamin Food Colouring (any Colour) 

4 tsp baking powder 

1 Cup wine 

¼ cup raisins

2 lbs icing sugar 




  • Cream Butter and sugar 

  • Add eggs one at a time and mix well

  • Add Benjamin Vanilla; almond flavouring 

  • Sift flour and baking powder 

  • Add flour to mixture and alternately, add wine 

  • Add raisins

  • Pour into prepared baking tin

  • Bake at 250° F for 1 1/4hr Until done

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